Swim with the ducks was done with a RC duck decoyand a camera mounted on the head.

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Life On The River

    live sights and sounds of the Columbia River in Portland from 8 PTZ cameras featuring ducks, geese, birds, my barking dogs, other wildlife and Northwest weather info.

  Winter came early this year as we have already had our first snow fall. We counted as many as 25 ducks on the beach and it looks like they will spend the winter here in our cove and spend some time on our decks as well as the beach. Mostly mallards and mixes along with one white peeking (somebody's escaped easter duck?), 2 coots and 1 blue heron. (Sorry no partridge in a pear tree) The beach will continue to be a favorite for fishermen,the blue heron and the ducks. We will continue to monitor beach activity.

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