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                    Photos by Mike  Joseph

This is a slideshow of a few photos taken around my floating home on the Columbia River

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       Life On The River           

 Live from our floating home community on the Columbia River in Portland from 8 PTZ cameras featuring ducks, geese, birds, and
other wild life and Pacific North West weather info.

 It's spring here in our cove and many ducks stayed the winter and soon more will return and start to mate. They like to nest under our homes and in planters.

 When the bird feeders are filled we can bring you close-ups of our local birds. One camera will be trained on the feeder. The beach cam will start to ge interesting as beach goers, fishermen,  paddle boarders, and kayacker's return. Lessons are givin on the beach on weekends.

            Questions and comments are welcome: mikewjoseph@gmail.com